If it is a repair or a custom part or project you need help with, let us get involved! From hand railings, snow plow repair, boxes, pans, farm equipment, interior/exterior ornamental decorations, yard art, production runs and much much more! Northside Welding & Machine LLC can take care of you and all your needs!



Need a quick fix or weld? Is your cracked or broken item still worth keeping and repairing? From the common cracked mower deck, to modifying log splitters, cast iron pots, broken snow plow mounts, and the never ending rusty vehicle frames and panels, we have you covered! If your part is bent and just needs to be straightened out we can take care of that too. Types of welding including but not limited to TIG, MIG ARC, and Brazing.



For those of you needing your idea to become reality, even better! Starting from a hand drawn print to something you just explain, we can make it happen. From automotive upgrades like truck bumpers and flat beds,  to custom attachments for your tractor, stainless steel counter tops and everything in between! We can also assist in drawing up your print in Solidworks for a professional presentation. 



Have you ever needed that one part you just can't find or they discontinued? Let us know! We have full milling, turning, and grinding abilitys to assist you with your project. From spacers, bushings, threaded holes, precision blocks, and beyond!


Production Runs

If it is a run of parts you need precision TIG welded or round stock that needs to be turned down we can get the job done in a timely manner. We can accommodate whatever process and quantity of parts that you may need.


Sandblasting/Powder Coating

Do you have a rusty part you need sandblasted to paint or powder coat? From small parts to large including motorcycle frames, bumpers, and axles. Let us help, whether its one part or a few from a project you are working on. We can take care of it. Contact for more details.