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I get a good amount of questions about the powder coating process so I wanted to make a post about how it works. Powder coating is very durable and long lasting making it superior to paint in my opinion. Also with thousands of different colors and an assortment of textures and finishes the options are endless.

The part that is to be powdered is usually conductive but it does not necessarily have to be. Glass and plastic are also able to be coated thru the process of hot flogging which I will explain later. The powder has consistency of baby powder and flows thru a gun with very low pressure. The part is to be grounded by a control box that the gun is hooked up to creating a draw that adheres the powder to the part. Each powder has its own temperature and cure time ex. 375 degrees for 15 minutes.

These are the steps in which we follow for coating parts

1. The part is to be media blasted and stripped of it's current coating.

2. The part is blown off with high pressure air around 90 p.s.i.

3. The part is then masked to or plugged where surfaces need to remain powder free.

4. The part is then rinsed with water.

5. Put in oven to pre heat to around the curing temperature.

6. Allow part to cool before applying powder.

7. Apply powder.

8. Cure in oven.

9. Pull from oven and cool.

10. Put part to use.

Now that you know the part is electrically coated, hot flogging would be for a part that can not be grounded such as plastic or glass. The part is warmed in the oven and then coated BEFORE the part cools, melting the powder on contact. The part can then be fully baked and cured.

There are different sizes of ovens from a toaster oven to giant industrial walk ins. We started with an old cooking oven. **Note do not cook food in an oven after curing powder coated parts. There are toxic fumes said to linger. We now have a 4' x 4' x 6' tall oven which allows us to do an assortment of parts.

Hope this clears up any questions you might have about the process. Get in touch if you would like to coat some parts! Thanks for checking in!

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